We produce all switch boards in contract manufacturing.
Since 2004, we produce a wide range of low voltage switchgear according to customer requirements. Our long time experience is your advantage. Whether modular, mass-produced or individual control panel: Together with you we will find the best and most cost-effective solution. The control cabinets are assembled and wired in our own production according to customer specifications and guidelines. Clear arrangement of the components according to voltage levels, expansion options, consistent marking and adherence to promised deadlines are among the basic principles of our switch board construction.
Of course, the switch board production complies with national, international and customer-specific standards. We offer individual solutions and an all-round service.
Our technical department handles the issuing or reworking of customer drawings and all documentation. Here we work closely with our clients to ensure the implementation of their special wishes and requirements. All changes, missing information or components will be properly incorporated. Of course no control cabinet leaves the workshop unchecked. For our products we provide a 3 year warranty
Whether you need the smallest switchboard or the largest switchgear - with our know-how we master every challenge for you. Contact us. We will be happy to help you!
Our philosophy is the clocklike delivery, top quality, reliability and professionalism at the best price.


• Preparation of wiring diagrams, drawings and documents in E-Plan P8, or Auto CAD
• Compliance with relevant standards and guidelines.
• Customized solutions for your control panels and distribution boards.
• Mechanical processing of cabinets and mounting plates
• Mounting and wiring of parts and components
• Checking including logging and creation of all required documents.
• Customized packaging

Product range

• Low-voltage distribution systems
• Low-voltage switchgear up to 1000 V
• Industrial switchgear up to 4,000 A
• Control cabinets for automation technology
• Switchgear for power distribution, automation and building technology
• Switchboards for measurement technology, control technology and control technology


Technological switchgears 

Industrial switchgears are used for power supply and distribution, for control and protection of various industrial devices. They may be independent or as a part of controlled device.
As a standard, switchboards are designed for voltages up to 1 000V AC (1 500V DC), electric currents up to 4 000A and short-circuit resistance up to 75kA. 

· Switchgear for production units control
· Switchgear for machines and vehicles
· Monitoring - and controlling systems
· Switchgear for pump control
· Distribution switch boards
· Control boards
· Refractory distributors
· Switchboards for photovoltaic systems 

Switchgear for Commercial facilities

For low-voltage power distribution and control in the multi-purpose buildings. Switch boards for counter measurement of multiple delivery points. Standard types for voltages up to 1000V AC (1 500V DC), currents up to 4 000A and short-circuit resistance up to 75kA.

· Master distribution switchboards
· Connecting blocks
· Terminal boards
· Worksite distribution boards
· Smart Control Cabinets
· Compensation Switchgear
· Bus connecting bridges


House or apartments switchboards are used in private buildings and apartments to ensure measurement, protection and switching of lighting and socket circuits. In addition to the basic we manufacture also switchgear for intelligent installation, which will provide "automatic" operation of all house systems.
·         Standard installation switchgear
·         Switchboards for intelligent installation in family houses
·         Electrometer cabinets
·         Worksite distribution board




Control panels for rail vehicles


Marine switchgear