Before we build a switch board, it is often necessary in advance create or adapt the appropriate circuit diagrams, schemas and drawings. Switch panels construction is one of our core competencies and our daily business. As a result, our engineers have deep knowledge of various electrical components and can work out the most cost-effective solution for you regardless of brand.
This is in our house preferably realized with the CAD system Eplan P8. Our technicians work closely with our customers to meet their individual needs and achieve optimal results.
The electrical documentation includes:
• Circuit diagrams
• Device configuration plans
• BOMs
• Terminal and cable plans
We build the right control cabinet for any customer request.
The main qualification for the cost-effective production of a control cabinet and for optimum ease of installation in the field or for faultless operation is smart design and planning. In the event of a failure professional documentation ensures fast problem solving. Therefore we offer our customers these services for the production of high-quality control cabinets and assemblies:
- Quotation
- Revision and adjustment of your drawings and documentation
- Consultation and solution search of your task
- Planning of the control cabinet housings and mounting plates
- Determination of parts and components
- Layout of parts and components
- Wiring diagram
- Creation of parts lists and cable plans
- Preparation of the documentation of the actual version